Safety Settings On Your Garage Door Opener

July 13, 2016

Your garage door opener has a number of safety settings preprogrammed to work with your door. Most of these pertain to the stopping and reversing of the door if it were to come into contact with an obstruction, including a pet or small child.

Force Settings

Although you can adjust the force settings on your garage door, it is highly advised against. This setting is what determines just how much force is required, when your door runs into an obstruction, to stop the door and reverse it. Precision Door Serviceís highly qualified technicians will properly adjust this setting for you when your door is installed. If, however, you feel that the setting is off, there is a way to test it. Simply place a large roll of paper towels under your door, then attempt to close it. If the door does not stop and reverse immediately after touching it, you should give us a call right away.

If you do choose to adjust the force setting on your own and find that they require a setting higher than medium to operate, there is likely a problem with your opener and, again, you should immediately give us a call.

Safety Eyes

The safety eyes on your garage door are required on any door manufactured after 1993. If you have a door built before 1993, we highly recommend upgrading. This device is comprised of a transmitter and a receiver that are located at the base of your garage door. The transmitter sends out a beam that the receiver picks up, completing the circuit, and allowing the opener to operate. When the beam is broken by an obstruction, the door will not open or close.

If you ever run into a problem with your door opening and closing, one of your first steps should always be to check the alignment of the safety eyes. This is made simply by a pair of LED lights on the eyes, that when in alignment remain on and solid. When there is an obstruction or they are misaligned, the LEDs will blink. Most safety eyes are very easy to realign yourself and can save you from having to call a technician.

You and your familyís safety is our number one priority here at Precision Door Service of San Diego. If you have any questions regarding this or anything garage door related, please give one of our knowledgeable professionals a call anytime!

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