How to Turn Your Garage Into the Perfect Workout Space

November 17, 2016

The modern day garage is used for just about everything you can think of besides storing the car at night, from office spaces, media rooms, extra storage, or even makeshift man caves and bars. And one of the more popular uses for the space in the garage is for working out. There are plenty of benefits to having a space at home where you can safely work out, such as saving money on a gym membership, getting rid of a commute, getting to work out inside in case of bad weather, and only being one room away from children and family. So if you have the idea to turn your garage into your brand new gym, then we are here to help with some steps to follow. Letís begin!

First, you are going to have to get rid of whatever you are storing in the garage currently. If you donít need that much space to workout, you could designate half or a small portion of the space for storage but a majority of the boxes, tools, toys, and such will have to go. After you have cleared the amount of space you think youíll need for yourself and the gym equipment, you need to lay down some kind of flooring to cover up the concrete. Whether you choose to cover the entire floor of the garage or just have a designated area of mats, we recommend looking into rubberized flooring or anything else that is impact resistant and slip resistant. You donít want to get sweat on the ground and be slipping all over the places with weights in your hand.

Next, you have to figure out exactly where you want to install equipment. Make sure to leave outlets uncovered in case a machine, like a treadmill, needs to be plugged in and be efficient with racks and shelves for weights and such. We recommend also having storage for certain gym items you might not need for your workout every day so you can have as much free space as possible.

Ventilation should also be a top priority as the inside of the garage will become hot and stuffy as you workout. You want it to be a manageable temperature in there and easy to breathe so we recommend installing an air conditioning unit or ceiling fan or even a floor fan and some windows if you donít want to install anything.

And lastly, music is always a great idea when working out and instead of needing headphones to quiet your music at a public gym, you can blast your music in your own personal gym. Buy a portable speaker or set up an awesome speaker system throughout the garage and your new gym is ready to go.

So from Precision Door, get to work and get to working out!

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